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Leak Detection and Management

Logix leak detection:

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We strive to give you the information needed to manage and save water in a domestic and corporate environment.

This small company made strides in the water management industry in the past few years.

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With reference, a few legal points on geyser (Hot water tanks)

How much water is lost? Interesting comparisons from the SABS

Why you should use Logix when you have a problem with your water?.

Our tariffs are on average lower than any other.

We are determined to find the cause of a problem if it’s not a water leak.

How does our systems work?
We use sound and or gas to trace the position of a leak. We acquired infrared Camera equipment to find leaks on hot water , and also a digital Flir moisture meter

We need the following for sound equipment.

Make of pipe, length of pipe, diameter of the pipe. This is fed into the computer and sound recordings are made of the sound in the pipe wall.

The speed of the sound in the pipe wall is determined by the thickness of the wall and diameter this is calculated and the position of the leak is given.

See diagram below.

The peak is the point where the leak is crisp sound not much noise in the back

Cosmos data.bmp (148.34KB)
Cosmos data.bmp (148.34KB)

Bigger leak more noise around the leak

Eureka 2 Noise correlator

For Gas we need access to a tap and a shut of at the Muncipal meter.

Seba KMt Hi Lux Gas detector system.


Gas used is Forming gas 95/5 % mix The Gas is not harmful on its own and quantities used.

Gas is pumped into the network and the point of exit is traced with the gas detector. although here the make size etc is not needed it plays a role in the amount of gas used and cost.