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AMR ( automatic meter reading) is software and hardware developed to read meters electronically


No human error

All meters are read at the same time thus no timelaps between bulk and sub meters readings.

Saving on cost of reading meters NO transport / staff / time / Tollgates

You can access the data from any where depending on the system installed.

Electricity use can also be recorded if the meter has a pulse output if not meters can be installed for this purpose.

This is a handheld (Psion WAPPRO Radio) system where you will follow a route pre programmed the devices on the right is installed on the meters and will communicate with the hand held device / or if a scout wave port is used you can download to a Laptop when inreach.

HRI installed on a bulk meter

This system is developed by Sensus and are very relaible it is used overseas with great success

Broucher of sensus scout.

AMR used in Sutton and East Surrey Water

This system can be linked with GSM/ GPRS/ or IP ( scout Web Gateway that will enable you to get the readings on a FTP site anywhere where you have internet access.